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10 Advantages of a St. Croix Vacation Rental

Many people think staying in a vacation rental home in St. Croix must cost more than a hotel.

But it actually can be the cheaper option, and offer many other benefits guaranteed to make your holiday extra special.

Here’s 10 advantages of staying in a vacation rental:

1. Save Big Money $$$

You’ve already won BIG by cutting out the booking middlemen and connecting directly with the rental owner through our site! Now save hundreds of dollars $$$ more by cooking your own meals. Dining out gets real expensive, real fast. This alone makes vacations rentals pay for themselves.

In addition, you can cook healthy meals, snack during the day, and not fuss with going out every time you’re hungry. Some hotels provide in-room cooking facilities but none offer comfortable dining areas that you’ll find in a spacious vacation rental. Who wants to eat on a bed, really?

Finally, with vacation rentals you know exactly what it will cost. There are no surprise fees for parking, upgraded internet, pool towels, bottled water, etc.

save money eating at home kitchen
Save BIG MONEY by eating in your rental

2. More space

A typical hotel room is just 400 ft of space vs. 2,000 at a vacation rental home. That extra space lets you stretch out and relax, so you don’t feel stuck in a tiny box with a bed.

Furthermore, it’s quality additional space that you don’t get in hotel rooms — like separated living, sleeping, and cozy eating areas. Plus a lot of private outdoor space like gardens, pool, and beach.

Now isn’t that how you’d rather spend your precious holiday?

spacious vacation rental
Enjoy large open spaces

3. More privacy

No more loud parties down the hall waking you up at 3 a.m. Or hearing strangers’ conversations through thin walls. Or a crowded pool with lots of screaming and splashing around.

Instead you can indulge yourself in the privacy & serenity of a secluded Caribbean beachfront home, listening only to the sounds of the surf and seabirds.

The peace & privacy of a vacation home will soothe your senses and let you truly R-E-L-A-X. And you’ll return home more refreshed and energized.

privacy infinity pool rental home US Virgin Islands ocean woman
Just you and the sea

4. Better for long-term stays

Long-term stays in a hotel are impractical. They get real expensive, laundry’s a pain, eating on your bed gets old quickly, and having a workspace with an inspiring view is rare.

Because a vacation rental feels just like your own home, long-term stays and remote-working are easy. You can often negotiate a discounted rate with the owner, use laundry facilities like at home, and eat & work anywhere in the house or at the pool.

All this makes vacation rentals a better and more practical choice for longer-term stays and remote working in the US Virgin Islands.

long term stays remote working St Croix USVI
Longer stays are a breeze

5. Better for families & large groups

Ever book multiple hotel rooms on a large family vacation? Where everyone has to go down the hall just to say “hello”, and no place is big enough for everyone to gather together?

Vacation homes have enough space to spend quality time together — cooking, eating, watching movies, chilling out around the pool, or having a family dinner under the stars. And for when you just need a break from the kids, or grandma needs some privacy.

Now that’s a recipe for a St. Croix family holiday to remember.

family poolside bbq carribean holiday
Enjoy space to gather

6. More pet-friendly

Most hotels don’t allow pets, so if you want to bring Fido on the family holiday, a vacation rental may be your only option.

Many villas in St. Croix allow pets, while others do not. Check first directly with the owner to make sure.

There’s even a website dedicated to vacation rentals which allow pets called BringFido. Here you can locate an appropriate rental for your needs.

Fido will thank you. Woof! 🐶

pets allowed private villa rentals
Hey, I need a vacation too! – Fido

7. Live like a local

Because St. Croix vacation rentals are like real homes, you’ll live more like a local on your holiday. You’ll drive on the same roads, shop in the local grocery, greet neighbors on the beach, etc.

This provides a more authentic appreciation of both the charms and quirks of St Croix, and allow you to interact more with local residents and live less like a tourist.

85% of travelers want “authentic, rich experiences of local culture”, and staying at a rental is a great way to taste the local flavor and return home with a more valuable perspective of real life in the US Virgin Islands.

living like a local in St. Croix
Go local!

8. More choice

St. Croix has about 30 hotels to choose from, while there are over 500 vacation rentals on offer. This gives you much more choice of where you’d like to spend your holiday on the island.

Vacation rentals come in all shapes, styles, and prices and often occupy the best locations. Whatever your needs, there’s likely a rental out there that’s perfect for you.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury beachfront villa, a hilltop “pirate’s perch”, an in-town apartment or a trendy container home, you’ll find a much larger variety of options and prices to suite your exact tastes and budget with vacation home rentals by owners.

more choice vacation rentals St. Croix USVI
Rentals for every taste and budget

9. Better amenities

Vacation rentals offer a larger variety of amenities that most people want on their St. Croix holiday, like incredible sea views, a nice uncrowded pool, some open space to move about, a full-sized fridge to store food and leftovers, as well as a kitchen area to make meals. And maybe even a hot tub, pool-side BBQ grill, or Tiki Bar to entertain friends. And free WIFI and parking, of course.

With more amenities, it’s a good bet that you’ll enjoy your stay more. And considering that you get all those extra amenities and a lower price as well, the advantages of staying in a St. Croix vacation home become even clearer.

typical amenities of St Croix rental
Enjoy more amenities

10. Feel more “at home”

Let’s be honest: it’s hard to feel at home in a hotel. It’s much easier to relax in a St. Croix vacation rental because it is an actual home! The coziness, tranquility, open space and lack of strangers coming and going will all help to create a relaxing and peaceful environment.

And that means you’ll enjoy your holiday more.

relax vacation rental
Feel at home

When a Hotel Might be a Better Option

Vacation rentals are not for everyone, and there are many situations when a hotel or resort might be a better choice for a trip to Saint Croix. Here are some common ones:

  1. You don’t plan to rent a car: renting a vacation rental in St. Croix is often impractical without a car, due to their beachfront or secluded locations. That’s the trade-off of staying in some of the most pristine and beautiful locations on the island. So if you don’t plan on renting a car, it’s best to stay in a hotel in Christiansted or Frederiksted and just take taxis. Or at a resort which has shuttle services. (note: there is no Uber, etc. on St. Croix).
  2. You want to “be around the action”: if you’re looking for lots of people, hanging out in lively bars, etc, then a hotel in town is probably a better choice. Vacation rentals are often chosen by people who want to be away from the “action”, noise and crowds.
  3. You’re on a short trip: if you’re only staying 2 or 3 days, it may not be worth staying at a rental because the fixed service fees and cleaning fees can make short stays expensive. In addition, many vacation rentals in St. Croix (and the US Virgin Islands / Caribbean in general) require a 7-night minimum stay. In this case, a hotel makes a better choice.
  4. You want to earn / exercise hotel loyalty points : self-explanatory.
  5. You are under 25: many St. Croix vacation rentals by owners will not rent to people under 25 y.o., and a number won’t rent to anyone under 28. Check first with the rental owner about the specific terms & conditions.
  6. You want an on-site bar and restaurant: self-explanatory
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