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About Us

Who we are

We’re a group of St. Croix vacation rental owners who got tired of paying extortionate fees to giant corporate middlemen (i.e. VRBO, Airbnb, etc) who take billions of dollars every year by standing between owners and guests.

This money comes straight out of all our pockets: guests, owners, and community alike:

  • First, we owners must pay fees (8%), leaving less money to invest in our properties.
  • Then our guests have to pay an additional 14-16% “service fee”
  • Finally, our St. Croix community suffers as travelers choose cheaper locations with direct bookings.

That’s a whopping 23% in additional fees!

We though we could do better. So we did.

What we do

  1. We connect travelers directly with owners of No-Fee St. Croix vacation homes.
  2. We eliminate the middlemen and their excessive fees.
  3. We give travelers the guaranteed lowest possible price on their dream STX vacation rental.

Benefits for guests

There are multiple benefits of renting directly from the owner:

  • you save money: you’ll save $500-700 on average per week by avoiding that huge 15-18% booking service fee. That’s a free rental car 🚗, free trip to Buck Island ⛵, free lobster dinners 🦞, etc.
  • avoid miscommunications: booking middlemen often block communicating directly with the owner, or force you to communicate through their platform. This increases the chance of some misunderstanding ruining your family vacation or island holiday. Plus it’s never clear whose terms really apply: the owner’s or the booking middleman’s? Booking directly eliminate the confusion.
  • greater personal service & flexibility: when you book directly from the St. Croix rental owner, you get a real human who is highly-motivated to provide you a fabulous stay in St. Croix. They can provide valuable local tips on what to do & see in St. Croix, and something goes wrong or your plans change, they’re there ready to help. The giant corporate middlemen don’t know our local market, and even getting a live person on a help line is almost impossible these days.
  • same security & trip protection: middlemen try to justify their fat fees with claims of “trip protection” or “fraud protection”. In reality, most people pay by credit cards which have offered free fraud protection for decades as a basic feature. Secondly, we check every St. Croix vacation rental owner before we link to their property. So why pay for “protection” when you’re already getting it for free?

Benefits for owners

Owners of St. Croix vacation rentals can:

  • Double net profit with direct bookings
  • Own the customer relationship, not VRBO/Airbnb
  • Stay ahead in a competitive market
  • Build a brand & increase guest loyalty
  • Gain a valuable marketing channel — for FREE

We’re owners like you and understand the issues of owning vacation rentals in St. Croix. We’re not in competition, because in reality guests will choose their rentals based on so many factors beyond our control.

One thing is clear: we all gain by working together and cutting out the middlemen by driving high-value traffic directly to our properties through this site.

So join us for free today!

Benefits for property managers

St. Croix property managers can:

  • grow income: with no middlemen, there is more $$ for everyone.
  • demonstrate value: owners are switching to PMs who increase profitability with direct bookings, and away from those who just “lazy list” on VRBO/Airbnb at the owner’s expense.
  • find new clients: owners regularly seek better property managers. Listing or advertising here gets their attention.
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