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“In 2024, if you’re not getting at least 50-75% of guests by direct-booking, you’re leaving a LOT of money on the table

What we offer STX owners

We can help you:

1. Double your net profit: the typical yield on a vacation property is around 8%. So the math here is obvious: keeping the 8% VRBO charges doubles your yield. Now for the worst part . . . . VRBO also charges your guests an additional 12-17% (14.7% on average across all St. Croix vacation rentals in our analysis).

That a whopping 23% booking middlemen are taking from you & your guests! And if you think Airbnb is any better, think again: Airbnb openly brags that they charge 20% in fees. That’s why they have a $90 billion market cap. On your money.

Eliminating the middlemen is the fastest way to increase your profits.

2. More control: with direct bookings, YOU own the customer relationship, not the booking middleman. YOU set your terms and can customize if necessary. This increases guest satisfaction, review ratings, and repeat business.

3. Stay competitive: the vacation rental business is highly-competitive. If you & your guests are paying middlemen 23% while others direct-book, you’re losing business. It’s that simple.

Don’t get left behind with uncompetitive pricing as other STX owners move to direct-booking.

4. Create your unique brand: direct bookings also increase guest loyalty. Guests appreciate your personal touch that big corporate booking sites can’t offer. This enhances the guest experience which is proven to increase repeat business.

Plus guests are no fools; they know they’re saving a lot by booking directly with you, so they’re more likely to return and tell friends.

5. Gain a new marketing channel — for FREE: listing here doesn’t interfere with your current marketing strategy; it’s simply another channel, but one that is free and drives higher-margin direct bookings to your property. Hard to lose here.

What we offer STX property managers

St. Croix property managers also benefit listing their properties with us & driving more direct bookings:

1. Make more money: as noted above, there’s up to 23% more money on the table with direct bookings. Negotiate with your property owners to keep part of that.

2. Stay relevant: owners want property managers who can maximize their net yield. They see that direct bookings in the short-term rental market are exploding (up from only 3% in 2017 to 21% in 2021).

If you’re giving away half the owner’s profit to booking middlemen, they’re likely to replace you. Use this platform to increase profits and demonstrate your ongoing value to your clients.

3. Grow your business: connect with new USVI owners through this platform and grow your business. If you provide quality on-island PM services in St. Croix, St Thomas or St. John, get in touch with us.

Options to join

Useful Resources for St. Croix rental owners

Other resources for managing your business and STX properties.


This is the site of the Vacation Rentals Management Association, and is loaded with pretty much everything you need to know about owning, acquiring and managing short-term rentals. Over 27,000 property professional and 1300 companies are members. You can find guides, advice, in-person forums in your city, and much more.

The VRMA’s goal is to advance the vacation rental industry through education, information, networking, research, and advocacy. Vacation managers looking to enhance their qualifications can use their Vacation Rental Management Certificate Program to become expert in operations, planning, marketing and owner management.

You can also consider their Accredited Professional Property Management Company Program if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Airbnb Community Center

Even though we’re cutting out the middlemen, owners can still gain a lot of valuable insights and knowledge for free by reading their Community blogs. Here you’ll find many rental owners like you describing what works for them, lessons they’ve learned, and best practices they’ve developed over the years.


This is a major property investing & management site with over 2 million members. It’s perfect if you’re looking to invest in St. Croix property as well as manage it. Tons of useful tips and resources. There’s an interesting rental property calculator that will help you determine what a St. Croix vacation rental property will yield, what it’s worth, and other useful guidelines for successful investing.


The Vacation Rentals Association is a non-profit organization for people who own, manage, and operate vacation rentals (or villas, cottages & homes). You’ll find something useful to help you manage your properties here. Its mission is to grow the rentals industry with information, standards, tools, and support. 


The Association for Short-Term Rental Homeowners is another non-profit free to join professional network for short-term & vacation rental owners. Its resources includes a business directory, educational courses, events, news and blogs focusing on technology, marketing, operations, finance and investing in vacation rentals.


Vacation Rental Marketing Blog is an interesting blog run by vacation rentals expert Matt Landau and offers creative resources for rental owners to manage and grow their business. It brings together top rentals experts who provide advice and expertise in honing the fine points of successfully operating a short-term or vacation rental. Resources include a newsletter of industry events curated and summarized by Matt Landau, podcasts and films.

There are paid programs but also a lot of free content and info worth checking out.


The Vacation Rentals University is another useful resource for novice owners and professionals alike. It’s geared for those looking to boost their professional property & vacation rental credentials, and offers a number of online courses and certifications for vacation rental management.

There are also many free online courses for vacation rental managers which St. Croix owners and property managers might find useful.

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