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No-Fees St. Croix vacation rentals by owner

Get the absolute best deal on your next rental with No Booking Fees!

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LARGEST directory of No-Fees St. Croix vacation rentals

Get the full picture before you decide.

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Cut out the middlemen!

And their fat, crazy fees. Which gets you the guaranteed lowest possible price.

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Connect directly with owner

No more miscommunications or delays on your reservation. Maintain direct contact during your stay.

Why choose a No-Fees rental?

I love saving money St. Croix vacation rental

Save BIG money

Save $500-1000 on average with a no-fee vacation rental.

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More space & privacy

No crowds, no noise, no hassle. Just you and the sea!

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More amenities

St. Croix vacation rentals have far more amenities than a hotel room.

How BIG are those fees you’ve been paying?

Forget those fees!

About us

We’re a group of St. Croix vacation rental owners tired of booking middlemen standing between us and guests, and sucking big fees out of everyone’s pocket. Because middleman fees cost our guests $500-1000 per week and make our lovely island a less-attractive place to visit.

So we decided to do something about it. we’ve joined together here to lead the no-fee direct booking revolution. Because after all, owners don’t compete with other — our real competition is the multi-billion-$$$ booking middlemen who spend fortunes on advertising and technology specifically to prevent travelers from connecting directly with vacation rental owners.

We guarantee our guests get the absolute best possible deals on a St. Croix vacation rental home, plus personalized service which giant corporate middlemen who don’t know our island simply can’t match.

Are you an owner tired of paying all those crazy fees and want to boost your net margins on your properties?

Or a property manager looking to cut costs & grow your business?

Then click on the button below and learn how to drive direct bookings & increase profitability.

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