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No-Fee St. Croix vacation rentals by owner

Say Goodbye to crazy fees

St Croix rentals by owner rentals USVI US Virgin Islands

Largest directory of No-Fee St. Croix rentals

Get the full picture before you decide.

vacation rentals no fees St Croix

Cut out the middlemen

And their fat fees. Get the guaranteed lowest price in St Croix.

connect direct with St Croix vacation rentals by owner

Connect directly with owner

No more miscommunications or delays. Have direct contact during your stay.

Why a No-Fees rental?

I love saving money St. Croix vacation rental

Save big money

Save $500-1000 on average with a no-fee vacation rental.

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More space & privacy

No crowds, no noise, no hassle. Just you and the sea!

typical amenities of St Croix rental

More amenities

St. Croix vacation rentals by owner have more amenities than a hotel room.

How big are those fees you’ve been paying?

On average guests & owners pay 20-30% in additional fees, per St. Croix vacation rental market data.

That’s excessive, so we came up with a better alternative: no-fee booking directly from owners

About us

We are St. Croix vacation rental owners tired of booking middlemen sucking big fees out of everyone’s pockets and standing between us and our guests. These fees cost us and our guests $500-1000 per week, money we’d rather spend improving our properties and guest experience.

With direct bookings, we GUARANTEE visitors to St. Croix get the ABSOLUTE BEST POSSIBLE DEALS on a St. Croix vacation rental home. And the local knowledge that the giant corporate middlemen can’t match.

If you’re a St. Croix vacation rental owner or property manager also tired of paying all those crazy fees, then click on the button below. This is 2024 and if you’re not getting at least 50-75% in direct bookings by now, you’re missing out and your guests are staying somewhere else.


Fodor’s Guide

Yelp list

AMA (Cane Bay) – AMA Cane Bay menu

The Landing (Cane Bay) – Landing Beach Bar Cane Bay menu

Galangal (Christiansted) – Galangal St Croix menu

Savant (Christiansted) – Savant St Croix menu

Duggan’s Reef (East End) – Duggan’s Reef menu

Deep End Bar & Grill (East End)

St. Croix Yacht Club (East End)

Sea Terrace (East End) – Sea Terrace menu St Croix

Goat Soup & Whiskey (East End) – Goat STX menu

Nate’s Boathouse (Christiansted) — Nate’s Boathouse menu

Far East Steakhouse (Grapetree) — Far East Steakhouse menu Grapetree

Mermaid (at Buccaneer) — Buccaneer Mermaid menu

Beauregard’s (at Buccaneer) — Beauregard’s on the Beach menu

Too Chez — Too Chez St Croix menu

El Leon — El Leon Christiansted menu

Hamilton’s — Hamilton’s St Croix menu

Cibone — Cibone St Croix menu


Brew STX (Christiansted) – Brew STX menu

Blues BBQ (Rt 75)

Castaways (East End Rd.)

Flyer’s Bar & Grill (Frederiksted) — Flyer’s St Croix menu

Cafe Fresco’s (Christiansted) — Cafe Fresco menu St Croix

The Mill (pizza) — The Mill Pizza menu Christiansted

La Reine Chicken Shack — La Reine chicken shack menu

Off the Wall (Cane Bay) — Off the Wall St Croix menu

Palms at Pelican Cove — Palms at Pelican Cove menu

Rhythms at Rainbow Beach — Rhythms at Rainbow Beach menu

Pollys at the Pier (Fred’)

Caroline’s Breakfast (Christiansted) — Caroline’s St Croix menu

Maria’s Cantina (Gallows Bay) — Maria’s Cantina St Croix menu

No Bones Cafe — No Bones St Croix menu

Wokame Sushi – Wokame Sushi menu Christiansted

The Bistro STX — – The Bistro STX menu

Groceries & Markets

Food Town (Christiansted)map

Cost U Less (mid-island)map

Pueblo (multiple)map

Plaza Extra (multiple)map

The Market STX (west end)map

Ziggy’s Island Market menumap

The Market St. Croix – good selection of Middle Eastern foods and island-sourced products

Art Galleries

Mitchell Larsen Studio – handcrafted glasswork. Plates, suncatchers, and more.

Christa’s Art Gallery – original island-themed art pieces in watercolor, oil, acrylic or pen.

Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts – local & Caribbean artwork. Galleries, exhibitions, library, events & souvenirs.

Boutique Shops

From The Gecko Boutique – colorful & light island and resort fashion wear

St. Croix Surf Company – tees, tops/bottoms, swimwear

Molly’s Tropical Boutique – tropical wear, tees, swimwear, sandals, sunglasses, hats.

Asha – trendy colorful print shirts, bags, & accessories.

Southern Saint – comfortable, luxurious island fashion.

St. Croix villas for rent

Nothing represents the ultimate relaxing Caribbean holiday more than a beachfront villa. Away from the crowds and noise, you’re able to truly unwind and take in all the wonderful sights and sounds of nature.

Imaging sipping a tropical punch at your pool as pelicans fly by, as cool breezes waft along full of tropical flower scents. And greeting every morning with a sunrise breakfast on your balcony overlooking miles of incredible azure Caribbean waters.

No loud guests, no commotion . . . just pure relaxation in true island villa style.

That’s exactly what St Croix villas for rent offer, and why more people are choosing to stay at them. You get so much more space and amenities than a hotel room. It feels like your own home because it is a home.

And best of all is you actually save money staying in St Croix villa rentals. Eating out was always pricey and these past few years of inflation made it even worse. It’s now common to drop $200 a meal for 2 and $300 for a family. With a villa rental, you can make your own meals at supermarket prices, cook up steaks or fish at the poolside grill, and stop paying $20 for every darn cocktail.

That’s the deal you’ll get with a beautiful St. Croix villa for rent: MORE more space to relax for LESS money $$$.

Find your own villa now in our directory of the Best Villa Rentals in St. Croix USVI . And with NO FEES, as always.

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