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About Galangal restaurant in Christiansted

Galangal is an upscale restaurant that specializes in French Asian Fusion Cuisine, paired with custom-made cocktails and fine wines. The atmosphere is casual chic, with a South Asian ambiance and infused with scents of delicious Thai curries and Asian ginger. A perennial favorite with travelers seeking a delicious exotic dinner in a memorable location.

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Galangal St. Croix reviews

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Galangal Christiansted reservations

Reservations are recommended but not required at Galangal St. Croix.

Galangal STX hours

Galangal Christiansted working hours are Tuesday – Saturday 5:30 – 9 p.m.

Directions to Galangal St. Croix

Galangal’s address is 17 Church Street in Christiansted.

Below is a map showing directions to Galangal St. Croix.

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directions to Galangal Christiansted St Croix restaurant
Directions to Galangal STX Christiansted St Croix restaurant

Galangal Christiansted photos

Galangal St Croix photos interior
Galangal St Croix interior
Galangal Christiansted menu specials STX asian food
Galangal Christiansted menu specials
Galangal Christiansted menu pork
Galangal St Croix restaurant Pad Thai
Galangal STX Pad Thai
Galangal St Croix grilled salmon
Grilled salmon
Galangal menu wine list
Galangal Christiansted menu Wine list
Galangal St Croix menu specials
Galangal St Croix menu specials
Galangal St Croix photos STX Asian restaurant
Galangal St Croix Asian restaurant
Galangal St Croix short ribs
Short ribs
Galangal restaurant Christiansted tuna tataki USVI
Tuna tataki
Galangal St Croix beef stir fry,
Galangal STX beef stir fry
Galangal Christiansted menu Thai beef basil
Galangal Christiansted Thai beef basil

Galangal Christiansted videos

Eating at Galangal in Christiansted St Croix
Galangal St Croix menu at 6:26

Galangal website

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